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Hotels and Resorts

Lighting can heighten and sustain emotional response to any hospitality property. It can dramatize a lobby, create intimacy in a lounge or bar and serenity in a spa.

At Total Lighting Solutions, our lighting designs accentuate architectural vision down to the very finishes, on the exterior and interior alike. They elevate the perception of quality and exclusivity.

At Total Lighting Solutions, we work with owners, architects and interior designers to realize the full potential of any exterior or interior space, considering the architectural vision down to the detailed finishes. In doing so, we elevate perception of quality and exclusivity.

Galina Zbrizher, Principal Lighting Designer at Total Lighting Solutions Inc., served as Chair of the IES Hospitality Facilities Committee and has been an active contributor to the development of the Design Guide for Hotel Lighting DG-25 published in 2012

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