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Exterior Lighting Design

Public spaces have the potential to be as enjoyable at night as they are during the day. At Total Lighting Solutions, our goal is to create pleasant, safe and secure outdoor spaces that give the public the opportunity to enjoy the nightscape in a variety of ways, from participating in a dynamic urban nightlife to stargazing at a resort or from their very own neighbourhoods.

We recognize that lighting impacts the diurnal rhythm and wellness of all living beings. As such, our lighting designs offer creative approaches that improve quality of life, reduce light pollution, and realize the potential of the outdoor space, without harming the environment.

Our exterior lighting design services include:

  • Master planning
  • Exterior lighting standards
  • Lighting designs for urban spaces, landscapes, facades, monuments, new construction and heritage buildings

Our exterior lighting design process involves analysis of how pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and local residents are expected to experience light in the specific space in question as well as the estimated, ongoing operating and maintenance requirements of the project.

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