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Canada Line Vancouver Stations Detailed Design

Canada Line, Vancouver, Canada

  • Canada Line is one of Canada's 10 largest infrastructure projects. It is a 19 km light rail system with 16 architecturally distinct stations designed by 7 architectural firms.
  • Lighting design services included branding, development of system wide lighting standards and detailed lighting design for individual stations.
  • Our custom designed high efficiency platform-edge luminaire is the most distinctive lighting element on the Canada Line project.
  • This unique light fixture generates required light levels with improved perceived brightness, resulting in excellent visibility and visual comfort.
  • Designed with only 5 lamps and 6 luminaire types, our lighting system achieved requirements for safety and brightness. It unifies the varied architecture of the stations, supports users' orientation and provides an example of responsible public expenditure.
  • Our lighting design delivered annual energy savings in excess of 1.5 million KWH and earned $120,000 in utility rebates on a project that was built on budget and ahead of schedule.
  • Recipient of the following awards:
  • Annual International Lighting Design Award / International Association Of Lighting Designers
  • Award Of Excellence In The Energy And Environmental Design / Illuminating Engineering Society Of North America
  • Illumination Award of Merit / Stations Interior / Illuminating Engineering Society Of North America
  • Press coverage of this project:

Total Lighting Solutions lights the way for Vancouver's new transit system - Architectural Record, February 2010

"Soft, tranquil, diffuse - not words you would expect to describe the light in a subway... Zbrizher's first and most significant move was to support her client, InTransitBC, in convincing the transit agency to accept modified lighting criteria that would reduce light output quantities in exchange for criteria more focused on the quality of light distribution..."

Light Speed - Architectural Lighting, March 2010

"The project was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule"

Line of Light - Illuminate, April 2010

"Total Lighting Solutions produced a master plan that incorporates best practices and master lighting concept... that supports Canada Line brand and improves brightness, visual comfort and perception of safety"

"The technical and organizational accomplishment of this project is astounding," one IALD awards judge praised. "Seldom are such high civic expectations met with such visual success."

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