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Hyatt Regency

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hospitality and Resort

  • Comprehensive lighting design services rendered addressed the renovation of porte cochere, ballrooms and conference spaces, lobby, cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Recipient of the following awards:
    • Northwest Design Award
    • Award of Excellence from the Interior Designers' Institute of British Columbia
  • Press coverage of this project:

Forging Identity Within a Chain - Contract Lighting, April 2003
A $40 Million Facelift - Design Quarterly, Summer 2007
The Hyatt Regency Vancouver - Award Magazine, June 2002

"The lighting..was designed to reinforce the overall design goals of simplifying and enlivening the spaces, bringing in natural light wherever possible, offering a greater sense of spaciousness in circulation areas, and providing a more dramatic, more contemporary, and more "Vancouver look" to the areas of the hotel seen most by visitors."

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