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Total Lighting Solutions Inc. offers pragmatic lighting solutions that realize the potential of a space. Our design process is based on an open and ongoing dialogue with our clients, driven by five fundamental principles:

  1. Thoughtful investigation of best practice - As a firm engaged in the development of lighting design master plans, bylaws and guidelines, as well as advising and writing for industry associations, Total Lighting Solutions Inc. is uniquely positioned to transfer the benefits of lighting design advances to our clients.
  2. Diligent data analysis - At Total Lighting Solutions Inc., we wield light as art within the practical parameters of energy targets, regulations and budget constraints. Our creative lighting solutions are informed by extensive training in construction economics.
  3. Understanding of function - The optimal way to cast light on a dark area is often not the obvious solution. More light is not necessarily safer nor is it the most effective approach to lighting from a functional, aesthetic or budgeting perspective. Our role is to recognize opportunities to deliver on function while also realizing the true potential of a space, indoor or outdoor.
  4. Technical acuity - At Total Lighting Solutions Inc., from feasibility through to construction, every phase of our thorough and comprehensive lighting design process is calculated to facilitate a smooth integration into architectural and engineering plans.
  5. Elegance that complements architecture and respects the environment - When given the choice, people prefer to occupy a more enjoyable environment. The focus our design process places on strategies that create mood and atmosphere integral to the originating architecture or environment, ultimately impacts our clients' brand identity, competitive edge and ability to service stakeholders.

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