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Vancouver International Airport, Domestic Terminal Building

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • 200,000 square foot renovation of the arrival level and shopping concourse of the Domestic Terminal Building.
  • Lighting design services included project management and design of custom lighting fixtures.
  • Assistance with the procurement of lighting equipment resulted in greater than $100,000 in cost savings.
  • The new energy efficient lighting system saves over $40,000 annually, in operational costs.
  • Recipient of Illumination Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
  • Press coverage of this project:

Guiding Light, Passenger Handling Lighting - Passenger Terminal World, October 1999

"To reach the projects goals of keeping the purchase and operating costs down without sacrificing aesthetic qualities, lighting Designer Galina Zbrizher...carefully planned a stepped lighting wayfinding system...As airports continue to compete aggressively for the loyalty of passengers, making terminals easier to navigate is one cost-effective way to differentiate from competition, and boost revenue at the same time."

"Who's wayfinding Their Way Home?" - LD+A, August 1999

"Designed specifically for this projects, the light fixtures fly in formation over the walkway, adding excitement to the feeling of arrival and forming sculptural element integral to the project's identity"

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