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Scarlett Residence


  • Lighting connects and unifies the interior and exterior of this private residence, reminiscent of Fallingwater, with minimal intrusion and no luminaries hanging from the ceiling.
  • Recipient of the following awards:
    • GE Edison Award for Residential Design
    • GE Edison Award for Environmental Design
    • International Illumination Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
    • The Aileen Page Cutler Memorial Award for Residential Lighting Design Special Citation for Elegant Use of Energy Efficiency for a Residence
  • Press coverage of this project:

"...With the original Fallingwater—not to mention the demands of a perfectionist owner—in mind, Zbrizher crafted a lighting plan that underscores the rustic setting, emphasizes relaxation and, naturally, minimizes the impact on the environment..."

"...Inspired by Fallingwater, this residence epitomizes a dynamic relationship between architecture and landscape. Elevated by illumination, the house floats above a ravine and stream below. One of the most challenging home lighting design requirements for this residence was the edict to retain the purity of the wood ceiling by refraining from hanging any luminaires..."

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