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Fort Langley

Fort Langley
British Columbia, Canada

  • Inspired, harmonious lighting renewed public interest in a historic landmark and created new opportunity for evening events. Specific challenges addressed included preservation of historic structure, reduction of energy requirements and low maintenance fixtures. LED lighting, for seven buildings, two bastions, a colonnade inside the fort, a 240m palisade and surrounding landscape, operates on 2kw, representing over 60% reduction in energy consumption.
  • On completion of the project the client wrote:
    • "Thank you very much for the time, effort and creativity you brought to this project. We ended up with a wonderful product." Dale Redford P.Eng.,  Asset Management Advisor, Coastal B.C./Gwaii Haanas, Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
  • Recipient of the following awards:
    • Illumination Award of Merit / Stations Interior / Illuminating Engineering Society Of North America
  • Press coverage of this project:
    • Playing with History - LD+A, August 2012
      "...Using a delicate hand, Zbrizher devised a lighting concept that touches each individual structure, as opposed to merely shining light from the distant corners of Langley. The design allows visitors to experience the Fort and its history as it was intended..."
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