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H2O+ Prototype Design

H2O+ Prototype Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada Case Study

  • Lighting design reflects the water-based, natural elements philosophy of this clean and minimalist brand.
  • Lighting was intentionally designed to be adaptable to a variety of leasing conditions.
  • One-month post launch, this store achieved top sales performance for the chain.
  • Recipient of the following awards:
  • Gold Award from Global Shop
  • International Illumination Design Award
  • Press coverage of this project:

"Soothing and Serene" - Display & Design Ideas, September 2001

"H2O's Sea of Tranquility" - Lighting Magazine, July 2001

"We are really happy with the lighting because it's soothing to the mind. We could have put a sign up and made you read some copy, but we feel the subconscious approach is more impactful."

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